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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 130 IMTS 2018 Milling Machines VMC Precisely Machines Large Blisks Mitsui Seiki's Vertex 100 five-axis VMC is designed for precision milling of large parts, such as blisks for aircraft engines. The VMC can machine workpieces as large as 1,250 mm in diameter and 850 mm tall. XYZ-axis travels are 1,000 mm, 900 mm, and 750 mm, respectively. Maximum swing diameter is 1,480 mm. The machine is available with spindle taper sizes ranging from CAT 40 to HSK-A100. Spindle speed options include 15,000 rpm, 25,000 rpm and 30,000 rpm. A 60-station ATC accommodates tools as large as 300 mm long and 125 mm in diameter (on CAT40/HSK A 63) or 160 mm in diameter (on CAT 50/ HSK A 100). The machine's tilt/rotary table, supported by a cast iron base, provides rotation speeds as high as 100 rpm. The table's C-axis motors are direct drive, while the A-axis motors are tandem direct drive. The machine can support workpieces up to 1250 mm (49.25") in diameter. The X and Z axes are driven by single ballscrews, with dual ball screws on the Y axis. The linear axes are capable of 1 G acceleration and deceleration. The machine's FANUC control features a 375-mm (14.75") LCD human-machine interface. The machine features a cast iron bed and a "box- in-box" design. Machine geometry results in posi- tioning accuracy in the X, Y, and Z axes of 0.001 mm (0.000040"), ±6 arc seconds in the A axis, and ±4 arc seconds in the C axis. Hand-scraped guideways contribute to precision. A thermal compensation system facilitates size consis- tency, and glass scales provide a minimum resolution of 0.001 mm. | Mitsui Seiki (USA) Inc. | South, Level 3, Booth 338519 Horizontal Jig Borer Designed for Extreme Precision Available from Methods Machine Tools, the Yasda YBM 7Ti five-axis CNC horizontal jig borer is designed for high precision in difficult-to-machine, heat-resistant materials like titanium and Inconel. The company says its rotary table design is more rigid than other varieties and provides ample room around the pallet. This facilitates smooth table movements and allows operators to get a closer and clearer view of parts. The 50-taper, 10,000-rpm spindle features a direct-drive system designed to keep forces away from the motor to maintain con- sistency and repeatability. Automatic adjustment of spindle bearing preload ensures an expansive appli- cation range. To absorb cutting forces and damp vibration, the machine features a 25-ton, H-shaped steel base. All axes have hand-scraped, hardened box guideways. Hardened, ground and lapped guideways enable feeds as fast as 48 m/min. According to the company, the mating faces of the guideways are approximately double the width of more traditional guideways. The machine has a large work envelope, with XYZ-axis travels measuring 49.2" × 39.4" × 43.3" (1,250 × 1,000 × 1,100 mm), a vertical rotation of 360 degrees and a horizontal rotation of ±110 degrees. A two-pallet system has 19.7" × 19.7" (500 × 500 mm) pallets for a maximum loading capacity of 1,102 lbs (500 kg) on each pallet. A six-station automatic pallet changer is also available. | Methods Machine Tools Inc. | South, Level 3, Booth 339119

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