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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 158 IMTS 2018 Milling Machines Machine Built for Full Five-Axis Precision Hyundai Wia's XF 6300 five-axis machine employs a "box-in-box" design that contributes to accuracy. It is designed for full five-axis applications that require keeping the tool centerpoint in contact with the workpiece. According to the company, a rigid machine structure facilitates accurate, consistent metal cutting. THe 41-hp, 15,000-rpm, direct-coupled spindle is driven directly by the motor. This construction simplifies drive system structure and reduces noise, vibration and heat genera- tion. This make the machine suitable for aerospace and medical work as well as any application requiring multi- ple axes and stringent sur- face finish specifications. Tool change time is 4.5 sec. chip-to-chip, and the tool magazine accommo- dates 34 tools (68 and 102 tools optional). The machine is equipped with Hyundai Intelligent Control (i-TROL), an operat- ing environment paired with the Siemens 840D control. The three essential oper- ations for machining are: program check, tool mea- surement and coordinates system setup. Hyundai-iTrol provides all three of these operations in consecutive order to prevent error and to enable quick and easy setup. Tool and spindle monitoring can also be performed with a simple operation. The machine also fea- tures the company's All-In- One mold package, which provides cutting air blow, auto power off, heat distor- tion compensation and an automatic tool measuring device. | Hyundai Wia Machine America Corp. South, Level 3, Booth 338948 IG: maritoolusa (888) 352-7773 SHOP ONLINE VALUE PRECISION MADE IN USA

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