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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 174 IMTS 2018 Turning Centers Turning Centers Available with Range of Automation Options Murata Machinery's line of Muratec turning machines will be on display, including live demonstrations. The MW35 all-electric, compact turning center with a servo, high-speed loader (single or twin gantry loaders are available) is said to produce small parts in as little as 3 sec. The machine has two spindles capable of simultaneous multi-tool cutting. The MW40 is designed for minimal thermal displacement during machining operations of smaller parts with tight tolerances. The machine is available with live tooling and Y-axis milling capability. The MW120 twin-spindle CNC turning center reduces cycle time with a high-speed gantry loader and turret axes. The machine is said to be capable of production times as low as 16 seconds per part. The MD120 auto- mated CNC turning center accommodates live-tooling capabilities, including drilling and milling in every turret position. The integrated three-axis gantry robot loader enables versatile automation possibilities with increased productivity and process flexibility. The MT100 opposed-spindle machine has a built-in Y axis for greater precision on complex parts, the company says. The machine is designed for each turret to serve either of the twin spindles. Upper and lower turret configurations enable the flexibility to manage two tools in a single cut while reducing cycle time. A variety of automation options include an optional third turret and a three-axis gantry robot. The MT200 opposed- spindle-type machine accommodates larger parts with a turning diameter ranging to 8.3" and an 8" chuck. | Murata Machinery USA Inc. | South, Level 3, Booth 338844 Single-Spindle Lathe Series Offers Intuitive Programming Tornos is displaying its SwissDeco multitasking single- spindle lathe that is said to be well-suited for the auto- motive, medical, dental, electronics and aerospace indus- tries. The machine is equipped with optimized program- ming tools and ergonomics for quicker parts programming and fewer setups, the company says. The machine offers a choice of four versions: the SwissDeco G (gang version), SwissDeco GA (gang version with A axis), SwissDeco T (turret version) and SwissDeco TB (turret version with B axis). All of the models are built on a common 36-mm base and have been designed and optimized using finite element method (FEM) analysis. The G model has nine linear axes and a Z axis for roughing and finishing operations, frontal operations, and deep drilling. It features three independent tool systems and can also be fitted with modular, pre- adjustable tool systems and devices. Available in 25.4 mm or 36 mm, the G model has up to 38 tool positions, 27 of which can be live tools. The range is designed to be compatible with auto- mation solutions, including the company's Robot Cell i4.0. Integration of peripherals, such as a chip manage- ment system, minimize tasks such as cleaning. With the machine's Industry-4.0-ready human-machine interface (HMI), programming is a simple, intuitive process guided by icons on a touchscreen, according to the company. | Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp. South, Level 3, Booth 339053

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