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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 184 IMTS 2018 Grinding and Abrasive Machining Double-Sided Grinder Features Precise Pneumatic System Chevalier's FDG-700 double-sided grinding machine features the company's PC-based graphic control with a 10.4" touchscreen monitor for conversational graphic control operation. The machine also features a high-precision, digitally controlled pneumatic system that automatically adjusts according to the selected pressure. The high-precision contact measuring system includes grinding height control and dressing monitoring. The machine is designed for mass production of small and medium-sized workpieces that demand high precision and efficiency within a small footprint. It has been ergonomically designed for greater efficiency and productivity. A variable-speed spindle and a high-torque gearbox offer the flexibility to accommodate a variety of work- pieces. The machine is said to precisely grind crystals, ceramics, optical glass, semiconductors, tungsten carbide, metal and other hard and brittle materials with optomal surface finishes, flatness and parallelism with narrow tolerances. The machine features a wheel diameter of 27.5" and accommodates workpiece diameters ranging to 9.85", workpiece thickness ranging to 9.85" and load pressure ranging to 600 kPA. The grinder has upper and lower disc power of 7.5 hp with a speed of 125 rpm, and inner disc power of 7.5 hp with a speed of 75 rpm. | Chevalier Machinery Inc. | South, Level 3, Booth 339482 Range of Grinding Wheels Provide Higher Profile Accuracy Norton Saint-Gobain Abrasives is displaying its Xtrimium range of gear solutions designed for gear grinding in tight-tolerance environments. The gear-grinding prod- ucts are designed by category to provide higher profile accuracy, better form holding and burn-free grinding in worm, profile and bevel applications. The company's dual-worm grinding wheels feature a high-performance, vitrified bond section for grind- ing and a fine-grit resin section for polishing the gear teeth, enabling one wheel to perform what traditionally requires two wheels. The wheels also are said to reduce harmonics and improve surface finishes to 1.0 mm Rz and 0.05 mm Rpk. The grinding platform covers a range of gear grinding processes and works with the company's grain and bond technologies in worm grinding wheels, profile grinding wheels and bevel grinding wheels. The worm grinding wheels feature micro-structured ceramic grains and provide free cutting action and wheel homogeneity, enabling constant performance throughout the wheel thickness for the life of the wheel. The profile grinding wheels are designed for deep-profile gear grinding, with high porosity and permeability for high material removal rates. The bevel grinding wheels feature a porous bevel formation for fast, burn-free cutting. | Norton / Saint-Gobain Abrasives | North, Level 3, Booth 237042

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