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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 216 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | IMTS 2018 Workholding and Handling ON DISPLAY Fixturing System Promotes Accuracy in Locating, Locking 5th Axis is displaying its RL52 RockLock quick-change fixturing system with 52-mm pull stud spacing. The system is said to facilitate accurate locating and locking of vises and fixtures to subplates while maintaining a repeatability of less than 0.0003" (8 microns). The four-pin pallet design features a single lead screw for actuation. The system's corresponding locat- ing studs can be mounted directly to existing fixtures to convert them for quick change-overs. The base plates are available in aluminum or steel construction and feature multiple configurations. The system is said to have the same quality, versa- tility and durability as the larger 96-mm version. The system's compact foot- print is designed for use in direct mounting to smaller pallets and machine tables. When mounted to vertical machining centers, the design enables multiple units to be ganged together to increase throughput, the company says. | 5th Axis Inc. | West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 431158 Automatic Positioning System Reduces Setup Times SMW Autoblok's APS zero-point clamping system connects the machine tool, the clamping device and the workpiece. The system can be used in turning, milling, measuring or grinding operations. Emphasiz- ing flexibility and speed, the system is said to reduce setup times by as much as 90 percent. The system locks into the proper position by lining up a series of pins on the workpiece or workholding device with bases mounted on the machine. When the pins and bases are locked in, the combination is automatically positioned to the zero point. The system uses lubricated and compressed air (6 bar, 85 psi) for release, and springs for clamping. No compressed air is required in the locked, or clamped, position, but a turbo function is available to increase clamping forces. This is said to accommodate quick, accurate positioning with repeatability of less than 0.0005 mm. The system is wear-resistant, protected against rust and is fully sealed to protect against dirt and swarf. A built-in air cleaning func- tion keeps the clamping system's supporting surface clean and free of chips during change-over. Pull-in/clamp forces for each module can be increased ranging to 45 kN by the turbo function. The system's compact design accommodates low fixture height, and modular construction enables easy modification from existing clamping systems. | SMW Autoblok Corp. | West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 431700

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