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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 232 IMTS 2018 Workholding and Handling the center of the channel. The result is a low-vibration guide that increases surface quality and tolerances of the machined workpieces. A drilling unit immediately behind the bundle or rack loading station drills the barstock before it enters the channels. Bars are transported by a conveyor belt for drilling, buffering and transportation of the bar to a free channel. When the machine requests a new bar, a lift takes the bar from the intermediate buffer of the magazine and transports it down to the free channel. A driver pushes it to a stop for measurement, the stop swings to the outside and the bar is pushed forward. Closing the upper channel cover swings in the pusher located there. After the bar has been pulled onto the internal collet of the pusher, the pusher then feeds the bar forward. A servo drive with an absolute encoder enables the bars to be fed inde- pendently without additional bar sensors. After the bar has been machined, the remnant is removed and conveyed into the remnant container. The loader's divided channels and ability to swing the pusher in at a time when the bar is already in the spindle area limits the length of the bar loader to a level that exceeds the bar length only slightly. | Index Corp. South, Level 3, Booth 338136 System Pairs with Robot to Ease Machine Tending Automated Cells & Equip- ment's MD Mate is a simple, drop-in machine tending solution for small lathes, mills and grinders. The drawer-based part presen- tation system enables parts to be placed onto simple On-Site Training | Modular Fixturing Specialists | Lifetime Warranty When reducing setup time is critical and precision is non-negotiable; our fixturing system is more than just tabletop accessories like toe clamps, cap screws and parallel blocks. It is an engineering system of interchangeable, hardened and precision ground locating elements designed to work exclusively together with our modular base plates and tombstones. Couple that with our engineering support and you have the ultimate fixturing system for nearly any part that goes into a CNC machining center. PRODUCTIVITY MINUS THE COMPROMISE. BLUCO MODULAR FIXTURING Precise | Replicable | Efficient Creating make-shift fixturing reduces accuracy significantly and eliminates the ability to replicate results. Bluco's fixturing can be rebuilt a month, a year or a decade later to pinpoint accuracy. OPEN SETUP Unreliable | Can't Replicate | Time Consuming Call 800-535-0135 to speak with an Application Engineer today. VISIT US: NORTH HALL, BOOTH 236557

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