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MMS AUGUST 2018 254 IMTS 2018 Systems and Software 800.525.2143 | Software Platform Updates Improve Functionality Version 2018 R2 of the Visi software platform from Vero Software provides a module for reverse engineering, along with improvements for CAD and CAM processes. The platform is useful for the mold and die market. The reverse engineering modules enable loading of a points cloud and the relative mesh created by setting different options for refining and smoothing. The platform contains almost 250 new items, includ- ing updates to direct-modeling capabilities that provide additional editing for both solids and surfaces. The Edit Face module provides the ability to edit solid bodies by moving or pulling selected faces. Concentric faces can be automatically selected and edited as well. Enhancements to both Surface Extension and Fill Holes enable the user to work directly on a solid body's faces and not just on the surfaces, which saves time. Toolpath Mirroring copies the current project, mirror- ing all its toolpath operations. This can be achieved on any two-axis, three-axis, 3+2-axis, four-axis or five- axis tool path. Improved workplane management, improved face selection on solids, and new contextual toolbars are additional features. Workplane management eases use as a workplane is automatically orientated as soon as the desired face of a solid is selected during any operation. Updates to the faces selection tool enables matching faces to be selected by providing specific conditions such as planar, cylindrical and fillet face types, along with radius condition, orientation and colors. | Vero Software | East, Level 3, Booth 133114

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