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AUG 2018

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MMS AUGUST 2018 260 IMTS 2018 Systems and Software S P R I N G T e c h n o l o g i e s NCSIMUL S O L U T I O N S NCSIMUL MACHINE CNC Machining Simulation/Verification NCSIMUL 4CAM Switch Programs Between CNC Machines Booth E-133267 Plan Your Visit at Intelligent CNC Machining | (617) 401-2197 Boston, MA | CAM Software Increases Tool Life, Machine Usage DP Technology's Esprit CAM software enables manu- facturers to streamline their workflows and reduce silo formation, according to the company. It contributes to increased tool life and machine usage and improves access to practical knowledge for process improvement. The software enables the creation of a digital twin of a machine tool for programming and simulation. The on-screen twin displays the processes that occur on the shop floor. Workpieces and cutting tools are set up virtu- ally, resulting in precise simulations as well as improved productivity and tool paths. The software also connects workflow steps, from CAD design to finished part, with a digital thread to make sure that no manufacturing process becomes siloed. The thread reads part data from CAD software and creates G code and setup sheets. It then passes this data on to enterprise resource planning software. Machine-aware CAM programming is said to increase tool life and reduce cycle times. The software's Profit- Milling and ProfitTurning applications consider the machine tool's axis positions and limits, accel- eration capabilities, and attainable cutting speeds to increase machine speed and improve surface fin- ishes. The applications enable users to make better toolpath choices. | Esprit/DP Technology East, Level 3, Booth 133210

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