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AUG 2018

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Technology Trends Modern Machine Shop 71 low-volume production runs, as well as for high- value, low-volume parts for the aerospace and medical industries. Even if we assume that additive's hype still outpaces its application for production parts, AM's surging presence at IMTS is still a good barometer of the industry's growth and increasing market share. In fact, this magazine's 2017 Top Shops survey revealed a 95 percent increase in the number of shops using AM equipment between 2016 and 2017. That is true disruption. This kind of growth cannot be sustained without constant innovation. Because additive's potential is so great, and because it is gener- ating a tidal wave of interest, AM technologies have attracted some of the brightest scientists and engineers across private industry, research universities, government-funded laboratories and public/private collaborations. A number of these AM leaders will share their additive knowledge at the Additive Manufacturing Conference, the annual event hosted by Additive Manufacturing, a sister publication to MMS. The conference, which takes place September 11 and 12 at IMTS this year in the Skyline Ballroom of the West Hall, Level 3, Rooms W375 C-D, will cover topics ranging from design strategy for 3D printing to the additive manufacturing of end-use parts at production scale. Speakers hail from Additive Engineering Solutions, Desktop Metal, HP, Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, Jesse Garant Metrology Center, Penn State, Protolabs and more. Which brings us to the second reason why you likely do not need to be told what additive manufacturing is anymore. It is because you keep up with these AM processes, companies, technol- ogies and applications in Modern Machine Shop and Additive Manufacturing, of course. FACILITY OVERVIEW WHERE AM I? McCormick Place is a large building, and IMTS covers all four halls. The MyShowPlanner app can help organize your trip: NAVIGATING THE NEW BOOTH NUMBER SYSTEM IMTS 2018 booths are numbered differently from past years. Buildings are numbered East 1, North 2, South 3 and West 4, and each level has a specific booth number range. Each booth number begins with the building number, then its level in the build- ing, followed by the specific booth number. For example, Modern Machine Shop's booth is in the North Building, Level 3, at booth location 6600. That makes our booth number 236600. A helpful chart is shown to the right, and the My Show Planner ( gbm. media/imtsmyshow ) can make finding booths even easier. BUILDING BUILDING NUMBER ID LEVEL BOOTH NUMBER RANGE BOOTH NUMBERS East 1 3 3000-5999 133000- 135999 East 1 2 1000-2099 121000- 122099 North 2 3 6000-7999 236000- 237999 North 2 1 0100-0999 210100- 210999 South 3 3 8000-9999 338000- 339999 West 4 3 1000-2999 431000- 432999

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