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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 102 CNC of downtime to install. "What's more, you don't have to pay us to come install it, or waste time on training or reprogramming," he adds. According Mr. de Caussin, the 527F's processor is 20 to 30 times faster than the ones found on older Fadal machines like the one Baitjunkys owns, thereby enabling increased interpolation rates. The new control also includes several new features not found on the old one, including advanced ramp control, improved block-processing speeds, a flexible memory system for simplified program management and networking capabilities. The 527F has a multi-processor architecture similar to the legacy Fadal control, but uses newer, faster electronics. Mr. de Caussin says this enables the digital signal processors to execute complex mathematical calculations in a single clock cycle (a single electronic pulse of a CPU). The control also has integral hardware peripher- als such as analog-to-digital converters, improved encoder feedback and high-speed communi- cations that were not possible on older units. "These capabilities, not found in the original Fadal control, allow the machine operator to push the iron to its maximum potential," he says. Visit us at IMTS Booth #134428 Due to its age, the original control could not handle feed rates faster than 50 ipm without sacrificing accuracy. The low feed rates were causing Mr. Smith to miss production quotas.

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