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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 104 CNC Despite Mr. de Caussin's caution of a couple hours' downtime, Mr. Smith says he was able to install the new control on his own in about an hour. "If you're smart enough to program a CNC machine, you'll have no problem putting in one of these controls," he says. Making Adjustments for Faster Cycle Times With the new control installed, the next step for Mr. Smith was to adjust the feeds and speeds accordingly. "Realistically, I could have just hit cycle start and it would have worked right out of the box," he says, "but the previous feeds and speeds were so conservative that I had to go through and bump things up." With the new control, he was able to increase feed rates to 180 ipm, which has led to a signif- icant improvement in cycle time. "As it stands, my cycle time went from 4.5 hours to just over 2 hours without having to change anything but the feed rate," he says. He adds that he believes that feed rates of 250 ipm would be possible if he were to switch to a larger cutting tool. The new control provides some additional benefits beyond the abil- ity to increase feed rates. It accepts his legacy machine programs with- out reposting or code modifications. Mr. Smith was also able to main- tain the postprocessor on his BobCAD-CAM programming system. Also, because the con- trol's user interface is virtually identical to the old one, he was able to run the machine without additional training. It also increased program storage from 2 mega- bytes to 16 gigabytes and provides native USB and Ethernet capabilities. Although the new control was an invest- ment for Mr. Smith, it paid off in the end. "The cost of replacing the control with the Calmo- tion is the equivalent of two payments on a new machine," he says. "I recouped my costs within the first few months just on the cycle time reduc- tion. For someone doing production work, it would be an even faster payback." | Calmotion LLC 818-357-5826

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