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MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 108 BETTER PRODUCTION CAD/CAM productivity and provided room for errors to worm their way in. Furthermore, it complicated design changes, which were difficult to track and imple- ment correctly through the process as a whole. On top of these inefficiencies, the company's NC programming software proved difficult to operate on five-axis machines, and few customi- zation options could address speed and efficiency requirements. With these problems hampering both ends of the process—design and produc- tion—it became difficult to deliver timely, quality molds at a reasonable cost. Finding a Solution in Process Automation JK Machining selected the NX software suite from Siemens PLM Software, which includes special- ized mold-design features in addition to tradi- tional CAD/CAM capabilities. Key software char- acteristics automate parts of the mold-develop- ment process from design to manufacturing. CAD functions include working with geometric models provided by customers as well as mold-specific capabilities that support an efficient design work- f low. Five-axis and high-speed machine program- ming functions in the CAM software enable the Understanding Software Needs To meet these demands, the company has invested in advanced machining capabilities. It has two high-speed Röders vertical machining centers; two Milltronics machines that are used primarily for drilling cycles and roughing; and single three- and five-axis machines used for finishing mold cavities and cutting electrodes for EDM. However, the company found itself lacking the right soft- ware to take full advantage of these machines. Consequently, JK Machining sought to upgrade its CAD/CAM capabilities to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Formerly, it had used sepa- rate software systems for the design and manufac- turing stages, which meant exporting CAD data in a neutral exchange format, then importing the data into the CAM system for numerical control (NC) programming. This transfer and translation of data introduced additional steps that hampered Grooving • Turning • Boring • Threading • Parting Profiling • Form Tooling • Special Tooling • Face Grooving With over a million standard tools, we've got the "ings" covered. INTERNAL GROOVING INTERNAL FACE GROOVING INTERNAL THREADING EXTERNAL GROOVING EXTERNAL FACE GROOVING EXTERNAL THREADING Booth 432172 FIVE AXES, 10 ELEMENTS OF AUTOMATION Check out this in-depth look at a moldmaker's multifaceted approach to five-axis automation.

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