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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 109 BETTER PRODUCTION Process Automation company to take full advantage of its advanced machine tools. By fully integrating mold design and machining, the software enables users to edit a CAD part, then seamlessly go back and forth between CAD and CAM, virtually eliminat- ing room for errors. With this integrated system, the company established a digital thread that enabled process automation throughout design and manufacturing. The typical mold-design process at JK Machining begins when customers send CAD PROFILING PARTING SPECIAL TOOLING BORING DOVETAIL FACE GROOVING FORM TOOLING 888 - THINBIT • 888-THINFAX • THINBIT.COM Made in the U.S.A. Since 1964 The model-driven process in NX enables JK to develop complete mold assemblies from the CAD part models provided by their customers. When customers send revised models, the design changes automatically propagate to the mold components' design and NC programs. models and requests for quote. The CAD models are usually in the STEP neutral interchange format, and the company imports the geometric data into NX. After winning a project, the com- pany uses the specialized mold-design features of NX Mold Wizard to create the mold base and design cores, cavities, runners, cooling lines and other features quickly and efficiently. The soft- ware points out undercuts and places where more draft is necessary. The designer can look for thin or thick walls and automatically determine the

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