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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 110 CAD/CAM mold's total weight and center of gravity. With mold features readily identifiable, the design process progresses quickly. The software can automate other aspects of mold design, such as bill of materials creation, and users can save time by automating repetitive tasks with journaling and macro capabilities. The user can perform a task once, record it with journaling and save it as a macro to use on the next project. Additionally, the mold design libraries enable users to quickly compare revised and past part models, saving time on the updat- ing process. Integrating Machining with Mold Design The shop uses NX CAM to program all milling operations involved in mold and die manufactur- ing.The NC programmers work directly from the CAD model and use NX design functions to design electrodes and prepare models for machining. The CAD tools are used frequently to extrude, unite and close gaps, and the "optimize face" capability can heal ques- tionable part geometry without forcing the user to go through a multi- step process. The software also provides open automa- tion and customization tools that enable users to tailor it to specific requirements. Process templates enable NC programmers to use proven cutting methods and tooling. Instead of working out and manually entering the same parameters for diameters, depths of cut, and feeds and speeds for every job, they can reuse saved templates to create a tool path in a matter of minutes. Over time, the library of proven machining cycles users generate can include operations like roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, enabling the shop to automate NC programming. Achieving High-Speed and Five-Axis Machining NX CAM is designed to enable multiple kinds of advanced machining, Come and see us at IMTS 2018 in Chicago (booth 431238) and find out why Synergy 735 is the clear choice for Titan Gilroy. Titan Gilroy TITANS of CNC: Academy "The best coolant I've ever used. My guys love it." "Capability is not a question anymore."

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