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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 114 CAD/CAM Additionally, the soft- ware includes tool-tilt controls, which make it easier to take advantage of five-axis machining. It automatically converts three-axis tool paths to five axes in order to effi- ciently machine molds with deep cavities. With tilted-tool machining, the shop can use shorter tools to reduce vibration, minimize tool deflection and improve surface finish. "Without tool tilt, we would have to take the cutter to the grinder and relieve the neck," says a senior pro- grammer. "When you're cutting an electrode with a 0.032-inch-diameter cutter that's hanging out an inch and a half, you have to slow down the feed rate by a third and take smaller cuts. But with the five-axis tool-tilt method in NX CAM, we improve mold quality while reducing machining time by up to four times." Mr. Kalkman is pleased with the results. "In the past, we were just using three-axis machining, and now we've moved to five-axis. We are even looking into robotics to further auto- mate the process." He says that automating the mold-development process has helped to build his company's repu- tation and keep the shop competitive. SharpVue • Designed to maximize efficiency and operator comfort • Large working distance • Crystal-clear HD image • Connects to HD monitor or computer • Imaging and measurement software included • Magnification range: 30x optical, 300x digital • Wireless remote included I n s p e c t i o n S y s t e m Item # 26700-135-TTB 360 Tilt Table Item # 26700-135-XYTB X-Y Gliding Stage Item #26700-135-4D SharpVue 4D Lens Item # 26700-135 SharpVue Inspection System Watch Video Premium Technology Everyday Affordability | 734-973-0099 | | Siemens PLM Software 800-498-5351 For high-speed machining of complex molds with deep cavities, the NC programmers use multi-axis milling. They automatically convert smooth three-axis tool paths to five-axis using NX CAM.

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