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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 118 TOOLING FOR MILLING allow us to compete and achieve the highest-qual- ity parts without sacrificing time or energy." He says that the shop fosters an attitude in which the words "standard" and "good enough" do not cut it. The right machines help to achieve that. With these major investments secured, the Olsons sought out tooling solutions to push their three- and five-axis milling machines to the limit. In particular, they wanted to address any prob- lems up front with the interface of toolholder and spindle on the new high-rpm/high-torque equipment to make certain it would operate con- sistently and efficiently and be protected from long-term production issues. "At the end of the day, we focus on a lot of custom, complex geometries and machining tight-tolerance parts out of stainless steel, alumi- num and other hard exotic alloys like titanium," Brian Olson says. He adds that this meant they needed their machines to run quickly and without interruption while maintaining accuracy. Fitting the Toolholder to the Spindle During initial product demon- strations at the Haas Tech Center, the subject of retention knobs was discussed. The broth- ers were given a demonstration comparing the high-torque retention knobs offered by JM Performance Products (JMPP) of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, to standard, off-the-shelf reten- tion knobs, which presented potential risk of shearing off or breaking because of high cut- ting forces. "The Haas demo is similar to the one we give at shows like the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), where ARE YOU LOSING TOOL LIFE? The retention knob is critical to the machining process, but tightening the knob itself can lead to improper seating. Are you losing tool life to knob tightness without even knowing it? See how to find out at We've got a lot of money invested in the tooling, and without the right retention knob, it could affect everything on the whole mill.

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