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MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 154 IMTS 2018 Products On Display Software Streamlines Machine Programming Autodesk's FeatureCAM 2019 enables operators to program a machine using everyday shop terms, such as "turn," "bore," "bolt," etc. The software is said to have sufficient intelligence to rec- ognize needs and require- ments from such terms and will automatically adopt the right speed and torque strengths without having to be instructed line by line. New in FeatureCAM 2019 is the Directed Automated Feature Recognition (DAFR) capability, which automat- ically recognizes holes, bosses, sides and pockets in a single workflow, which enables faster programming. While standard automatic feature recognition slices the model in the active Z axis and produces complete features as it makes its way down the model, DAFR allows users to select the features they want even before recognition begins. | Autodesk Inc. | East, Level 3, Booth 133222 Robot Loader Accommodates Large Tool Sizes ANCA's AR300 industrial robot loader is a three-axis system with the capacity to manage 380 tools. It can accommodate tool sizes ranging to 20 mm ( 3 / 4 ") in diam- eter and 150 mm (6") in length. The loader is contained within the compact footprint of an FX5 Linear machine. With this loader, there is no need to change gripper fin- gers between batches, which improves productivity. The loader will be demonstrated on an FX5 Linear machine. | ANCA Inc. | North, Level 3, Booth 237406 Shape the future with waterjet. Shape the future with waterjet From compact to massive sizes, and 2D to complex 3D capabilities – there's no limit to what you can cut with Flow. Introducing an entire new line of Flow Mach Series waterjets. Visit us at IMTS Booth #236207

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