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Modern Machine Shop 193 IMTS 2018 Products On Display BALL GAGE BAL-tEc Division Micro Surface Engr., Inc. 1550 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011 323-582-7348 • Save time with the self centering spherical surface of the ball gage. When measuring a large number of holes it can be 100 times faster. Put one or two flats on the ball and find any out-of-round holes. Measure how parallel the space is between two surfaces and or the size. You can get into inside diameters or inside spherical surfaces of rod end bearings. Bend the stem to reach inaccessible locations, in confined areas, down in a hole, inside a cavity or in a buried feature which cannot be seen. Mount the ball on a wire for flexibility to go around corners in pipe and tubing, for example. Easily measure the width of grooves or the surfaces of spherical and toroidal features. Accurately measure the pitch diameter of bearing races, threaded surfaces and of gears Ball Gage instead of a cylindrical plug gage. Vertical Tilt Frame G320 C-325NC I M T S B O O T H 2 3 6 9 3 1 w w w . c o s e n s a w s . c o m 8 7 7 . 9 3 5 . 5 7 2 8 CUT IT ON A COSEN End Mills Cut Deep in Aluminum RobbJack's FMHV two- and three-flute end mills are designed for high-horsepower, high-velocity aluminum aerospace machining. The company says its Mirror edge geometry progressively reduces vibration at greater Z-depths of cut. Anti-pullout shank technology prevents tools from pulling out of the holder. Well-suited for high-speed machining of deep pockets and thin walls, the tools are available with through-coolant holes and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that extends tool life in roughing applications. Overall length and reach length are designed to maximize gripping force in tight-toler- ance toolholders. The company reports that a 1" diam- eter, three-flute FMHV with through-coolant holes and DLC coating can achieve a peak metal-removal rate of 713 ipm 3 (72 lbs of 7075 aluminum per min.). | RobbJack Corp. | West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 432079

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