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COMPETING IDEAS MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 30 Manufacturing Management AUTHOR | Wayne S. Chaneski Executive Director, Center for Manufacturing Systems New Jersey Institute of Technology objectives improves performance. For example, training employees to run all equipment increases resource availability. Objectives that appear irrel- evant are less likely to be accepted and possibly even viewed as a waste of time and effort. An example of this would be a run-time objective for a machine that is rarely used. Further exam- ples of relevant objectives applicable to different departments are shown in the table below. dragging out indefinitely. Selected timeframes can be days, weeks or months. Most objectives are targeted for completion within a year, which likely coincides with an organization's fiscal year. Exam- ples of time-based objectives include: The new manual will be completed by the end of the second quarter; new recruit training will be completed by March 31; the new machine will be operational by June 1; and the new procedure will take effect September 10. Meaningful objectives must be SMART. By basing your objectives on the five key characteris- tics, you can foster a results-oriented operation in which continuous improvement is recognized as crucial to your company's ability to meet and beat the competition. Department Alternative Relevant Objectives Quality Number of Audits Completed Corrective Actions Closed First Articles Completed Finance Average Receivables Days Number of Invoices Processed Number of Fully Trained Employees Maintenance Mean Time Between Failures Number of P/M's Completed Number of Inventory Stock Outs • Time-based. The objective must be specific with respect to time. Time assignment conveys a sense of urgency and prevents objectives from

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