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THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 46 A Metalworking Leader's Perspective ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTOR Kevin Saruwatari owns Qsine Corp., which was founded in 1968 by Kevin's late father, Mick Saruwatari. The custom machine design and manufacturing firm specializes in industrial product development, prototypes and short-run work. More at . point us to the next objective. Great teachers make learning less painful. For my son, hockey and piano lessons are examples of hobbies and training. One of the things that really tweaked my brain when thinking about my son is that practice and training are instilled almost dogmatically in sport and merely implied in school. For example, an athlete that makes it to a professional level expects that "getting there" means training harder and more seriously than ever in the past. It seems that most people go through school with the opposite mindset. That is, once you graduate and bag a job, the training and hard work are finished. I learned CAD, machining, CNC and CAM informally and mainly on my own time. I did not let the times when I lacked a teacher stop me from learning, doing and progressing. I tinkered my way through things. In my 50s, I look back and see that I regimented my own practice, but back then I would have told you I was just goofing around, trying to figure something out. While great teachers are still great teachers, at this point in my life I feel like some of my worst teachers were my best teachers. For instance, my "worst" teachers made learning unforgiving: If I didn't learn, they didn't care. It was up to me to care, to find a way to understand and practice on my own. When I lead training now, I find myself trying to be the worst teacher and not shoulder the responsibility of learning. That belongs to the student. Students who train, practice and find their own paths are the ones who interest me anyway. I push them to understand the importance of trying things, to come up with three solutions instead of asking questions, etc. As a teacher, I have always believed that I merely create the opportunity for the students to learn. Now that I have a better definition of practice, I feel it is time to pattern their thinking with that, too. HAIMER Basic Mill Drilling and milling in one - The only thing basic is the price. Drilling and Counterboring Roughing & Finishing Up to 1.5xD Slotting Up to 45° Ramping Optional with Safe-Lock TM Tooling Technology Measuring and Presetting Technology Shrinking Technology Balancing Technology Sept 10 - 15, 2018 Come visit us in Chicago! West Hall Booth #431546

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