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MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 82 TOP SHOPS new machining technology and was an early adopter of five-axis machining. It now has 35 CNC machines of varying types and sizes. "The approach here is to stay on the leading edge of new machining and manufacturing technolo- gies," Mr. Kablak explains. "Although there is risk involved, we want to add advanced processes even if the market doesn't currently call for them or isn't necessarily ready for them yet. Staying attuned to our customers' needs helps shape our decisions as to what new technologies to bring in." One prime example is its exceedingly large five-axis Emco Mecof PowerMill, which was brought online late last year. Baker Industries says this gantry-type machine is the first of its kind to be installed in the United States and is one of the biggest and most versatile in the Midwest. Its addition is part of a planned approach to expanding the company's capacity in servicing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and Tier-One customers' largest machining projects, such as assembly and bond tools. With several automatically changeable heads, the machine has a 52-by-20-by-10-foot work envelope and table load capacity of 2.6 million pounds. While it obvi- ously has the capacity to accommodate very large parts, the shop can also set up multiple jobs on its table at once or machine a part on one end of the table while setting up another job on the other end to maximize spindle uptime. "Much of what we do, including deciding what machining and manufacturing technology we invest in, is a result of recognizing our customers' true needs." JERRY KABLAK Baker Industries "The daily 'Scorecard' job scheduling methodology we developed enables us to quickly determine if we are meeting, exceeding or lagging production expectations for our customers." PETER DOYLE Hirsh Precision Products Baker Industries takes a proactive approach to investing in new technology even if there's no guaranteed work for it. One example is its new five-axis, gantry-type machine that has a 52-by-20-by-10-foot work envelop and table load capacity of 2.6 million pounds. The shop purchased it to increase its capacity to accommodate OEM and Tier 1 customers' largest machining projects.

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