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Stories of Success Modern Machine Shop 87 market growth of 8 percent). This also helps minimize employee turnover because it is rare for a company to offer such a benefit. Not surpris- ingly, the shop has had zero turnover for the past 17 years. Hastreiter Industries is also good to the community. It donates 50 percent of its net profits, and the owners have also established a nonprofit organization called Shiloh Bound ( The vision of this organiza- tion is to mentor and empower individuals from challenged backgrounds, those with limited opportunities or those who simply need direction or help in life. "There are helpful institutions that provide mentoring for those who need it," Mr. Hastreiter explains. "But what happens when those people leave an institution having no marketable skills or education? In some cases, they might end up back in their original, bleak environment. With Shiloh, we hope to help them continue the right path by using our business to provide them with a trade skill, so they can stand on their own personally and economically. We feel this is how you change the industry and the community." In fact, this is what spurred the decision to grow the business. "Our goal is to eventually train individuals, in partnership with Shiloh, and send them out into the workplace to strengthen both communities and our industry," Mr. Hastreiter says. "Before we can do that, we have to build the business to the point that it has sufficient equip- ment and staffing available to offer that training. Ultimately, Shiloh will provide the mentoring for life and soft skills, while Hastreiter Industries will be there to provide a trade skill." Where better to stage a cover shot for this Top Shops article than at a former Top Shops Honors Program winning company? Valve manufacturer Richards Industries, Cincinnati, Ohio, agreed to let Modern Machine Shop Creative Director Jeff Norgord stage this month's cover shot depicting representatives from the four 2018 winning companies in their native environment. We have written about how Richards Industries has implemented data- driven manufacturing strategies to become more efficient. The article at explains how this shop's successful entry into machine monitoring reveals important points about what to do and what to expect. In addition, Bill Metz, vice president of operations for Richards Industries, was part of a panel discussion at our inaugural Top Shops Conference last year in Indianapolis, Indiana. (A similar Top Shops workshop will take place at the International Manufacturing Technology Show September 13. Visit to get more infor- mation and to view the agenda.) In the video taken at the event ( ), he talks about how machine monitoring both challenges and benefits a shop's culture, explaining how shops can deal with the "Big Brother" feeling that comes from implementing machine tool data collection. The Creation of a Cover Shot

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