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MMS SEPTEMBER 2018 96 CAD/CAM feeder. Because all parts can be machined from 3-inch-diameter barstock using the same tooling, this approach would automate the process. At the time, Flying S did not have a Y-axis lathe for live tooling on a turret, but the university did. "We scheduled a couple of days of training and Peter and I took one of the actual parts to use as an example. We programmed it, set up the machine and ran a sample part—it worked great," recalled the elder Mr. Bowman. The Shaws then invested in a Haas ST-30SSY lathe that is similar, but has a larger chuck bore than the Vincennes machine, as well as a bar feeder. The investment proved to be a sound one. Two of the Flying S programmers returned to Vincennes for the three-day Mastercam Lathe Design and Toolpaths class. All the commonly used 3D-programming options are available within the software for programming for this kind of machine. Doug Bowman reports that "on the third day of the class, we finished up a little early, so I had those students program one of the prototype drone parts and they ran their programs on the lathe. After completing the class, they are now programming and overseeing the machining of this entire family of parts back at their shop," he says. Going Forth Boldly Someday the Shaws would like to design and manufacture their own product line. In the meantime, they intend to continue honing their manufacturing management skills, adding new equipment and building a cohesive and capable workforce. Peter Bowman already has ideas for how the machine shop can rise to the challenge of future growth. "We'll need more automa- tion, greater efficiency and more multitasking machines with larger capacity. The production cells we have in place will have to be enlarged or replicated. I can see a lot more multitasking machines like ones in place now to maximize the skills of our machinists," he says. Before Flying S invested in a multitasking machine with a turret on a programmable Y axis, Doug Bowman at Vincennes University showed how complex parts could be produced from barstock using programs created in the lathe portion of Mastercam. Subsequently, the shop purchased a similar machine with a larger spindle bore. | Flying S. Inc. | 618-586-9999 | | Haas Automation Inc. | 800-331-6746 | | Mastercam - CNC Software Inc. | 860-875-5006

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