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OCT 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 103 BETTER PRODUCTION Multitasking Machines 120-tool magazines. However, the large number of features in each part demanded multiple setups and machines. This manufacturing strat- egy resulted in bottlenecks as the parts moved between each single-process machine. According to Mr. Tremain, the shop would have three or four containers of material sitting in limbo between turning and milling operations. The containers took up f loor space, and costly delays contributed to frustration in the shop. Determined to reduce the level of WIP, Mr. Tremain researched the use- fulness of multitasking machines and ultimately invested in the technology. Since then, the company's machine list has grown to include 12 Mazak Integrex i-series machines in addition to a Quick Turn Smart Nexus 250MSY turning machine with milling capability, a second spindle and a Y axis. Each of the shop's multitasking machines use gantry-type loaders, a 110- or 120-tool storage magazine, and 1,000- psi high-pressure coolant, along with Tool-Eye and part-inspection probes. Most of the Integrex The shop uses gantry-type loaders to automate the Integrex machines. According to Mr. Tremain, the auto- mated workpiece handling and multiple cutting operations on each machine enable continuous production without WIP. PROFILING PARTING SPECIAL TOOLING BORING DOVETAIL FACE GROOVING FORM TOOLING 7+,1%,7s7+,1)$;s7+,1%,7&20 0DGHLQWKH86$ Since 1964

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