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OCT 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS OCTOBER 2018 112 HOLE TAPPING Savings and Benefits The seconds saved on each hole can add up to substantial savings for the customer. Rates for Little's machine time generally run between $80 and $100 per hour. If a part has 12 holes and each takes 10 seconds, that is 2 minutes per part which leads to 30 parts per hour. At a cheaper rate of $60 per hour, he can charge $2 per part, reducing prices while increasing the number of parts produced per hour. The FlexArm has also helped Little Enterprises reduce tooling costs. The tapping arm's adjustable torque clutch enables the tap to stop turning when it encounters any obstruction that might cause breakage. Mr. Little likens it to a manual drill press that the operator can feel as it drills. With the FlexArm, the operator has control, which is an important factor when machining tiny screws and holes. A CNC machine might break a tap every 300 holes, whereas a FlexArm averages 1 broken tap every 3,000 holes, the company says. When using the FlexArm, the operator can catch a chipped tap before it breaks, while a CNC machine keeps going and breaks the tap. Breaking a tap can ruin an expensive part or stop production while an operator digs out a tap fragment. By speeding production, freeing up machine time and reducing tooling costs, the FlexArm paid for itself on its first job. | FlexArm 800-837-2503 Tapping holes on a milling machine is a time-consum- ing process. By using the tapping arm to complete this process offline, the shop is able to free up machine time.

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