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OCT 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING Modern Machine Shop 117 The Ikon of a new performance class The Supreme DC170's unique and innovative margin design ensures that the carbide's strength is exactly where you need it; right behind the cutting edge, facing the cutting forces - precisely where greater OP=>EHEPUOECJE¤?=JPHUEJ?NA=OAOLNK@Q?PEREPU 0DEOEJ?NA=OAOPDALNK?AOONAHE=>EHEPUPKKHHEBA=J@MQ=HEPU SDEHAOEIQHP=JAKQOHUNA@Q?EJCUKQNI=JQB=?PQNEJC?KOPO 0DA/QLNAIA 0DA%GKJPD=PCERAO@NEHHEJC=JASHKKG Supreme DC170 Visibly different, clearly leading the way. inserts can be more quickly indexed, according to the company. Capable of threading, grooving, boring, profiling and chamfering, these products facilitate long threads or long-reach applications, as well as small-diame- ter coarse pitch threads. The insert is positioned in a recessed pocket in the toolholder, which improves support. Carbide construction reduces vibration. | Carmex Precision Tools LLC | 262-628-5030 Clamping System's Lock-Down Force Prevents Vibration Kurt Manufacturing Co.'s pneumatic Zero-Point clamping system runs on existing shop air supply. The Dock- Lock Airline system reduces setup time through rapid change-out of large and small machine fixtures. It features a tapered plug design to aid in positioning and clamping. The system uses a form-fitting clamping design with self-locking clamp segments and tapered plug design. This creates three-surface contact and lock-down force,

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