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OCT 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS OCTOBER 2018 118 Kwik Mark Inc '30 ǜ7 ǜ& ǜ$ ǜ' ǜ0 ǜ7 &ǜ ǜ LQIR#NZLNPDUNFRPǜ ǜ7.0ǜ $ 0 AR C TE X T S ER I A L : 0 00 7 7 : 7 Impo rt Graphics ANGULAR TEXT A NGU LA R TEXT MIRROR TEXT MIRROR TEXT REVERSE TEXT REVERSE TEXT 2D DATA MATRIX Ceramic Milling Cutters Increase Productivity, Cutting Speeds Walter USA's MC275/MC075 Walter Prototyp ceramic milling cutters are designed to increase productivity, cutting speeds and metal removal rates in the machin- ing of nickel-based alloys. The tools are engineered for toughness, and their combination of carbide and ceramic both shortens machining times and damps vibration. Both the MC275's solid carbide shank and the MC075 high-speed milling cutter are ideal for roughing operations on nickel-based alloys such as Inconel 718, synchronous milling, and dry machining in full slotting, lateral milling, ramping, helical milling, and plunging operations. Power chucks are recommended for both mills. The tools come in sizes ranging from 8 to 25 mm and with corner radius ranging from 1 to 1.5 mm. | Walter USA LLC | 262-347-2400 completely pulling the plugs into the cylinders. Accord- ing to the company, its design prevents vibration and tilting, important for five-axis machines and horizontal machining centers. The system applies 2,880 lbs of pull-in force and 9,000 lbs of retention force to hold the docking system in place. The system's flanged cylinders and tapered plugs can be incorporated into fixturing systems or integrated into preconfigured base plates and pallets. Additional features include air-blast cleaning to remove debris from the flange, mechanical clamping and air unclamp- ing, compact tapered plug design, and pallet monitoring ports for adding sensors. | Kurt Manufacturing Co. | 800-458-7855

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