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OCT 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING Modern Machine Shop 119 Having issues with your nishing process? nding a better way... Rosler Metal Finishing USA is the leader in mass nishing, shot blasting, automated processes and media - made in the USA. Visit or call 269-441-3000 for more information. For over 60 years, Rosler has produced high-quality ceramic media, plastic media and nishing compounds. Rosler offers over 8,000 different types of consumables for use in every conceivable mass nishing application. If you are having issues with your nishing process, send us your parts and we will process them in one of our test labs, helping you nd a better process. Hydraulic Chuck Drill Extensions Reach Past Fixtures Kennametal's line of hydraulic chuck (HC) extensions has been designed to enable drilling holes in deep cavities and complex pockets as well as reaching past clamps and fixtures. Key features include runout to within 3 microns (0.00012") at 2.5√óD, improving tool life and hole quality; reduced vibration, even at 25,000 rpm, being balanced to ISO G2.5; and a hydraulic clamping mechanism within the chuck body. Internal channels facilitate through-the-tool coolant setup, without the need for hoses or adapters. A slim design enables clamping of, for example, a 12-mm drill in a 20-mm chuck body (or a 1 / 2 " drill in a 3 / 4 " shank). A variety of reducer sleeves, available in both inch and metric sizes, provides cost- effective flexibility. Drill and reamer shanks down to 3 mm (0.125") can be accom- modated. The extensions are suitable for rotating and stationary applications alike. The extensions do not require shrink-fit machines, thereby easing use. Tool lengths are adjustable up to 10 mm (0.393") axially. A specially ground chamfer on the end of the shank eases insertion into the hydraulic chuck. Prepared wrench flats promote safe and con- venient handling without the need for a torque wrench. A one-piece design minimizes concerns over contamina- tion and downtime due to maintenance. The clamping mechanism eliminates oper- ator-to-operator tightening variations, according to the company. A simple design enables users to set any h6 tool shank inside the HC exten- sion and turn the clamping screw on the end of the unit until seated. This causes a hydraulic piston within the unit to move forward, compressing the locat- ing sleeve and gripping the tool. | Kennametal Inc. 800-446-7738

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