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OCT 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS OCTOBER 2018 120 .0002 TIR Thin Wall Parts ID and OD Gripping Adjustable Chucking Pressure Coolant Thru Built in Air Sensing 4-way Adjustable LET US SOLVE YOUR CHUCKING PROBLEMS! Custom Applications Precision Grinding Chucks PROVIDES SPECIAL AIR OR HYDRAULIC CHUCKS, ADAPTER PLATES, STEEL OR ALUMINUM JAW BLANKS, AIR ACCESSORIES SEND A DETAILED PART PRINT FOR AN IMMEDIATE QUOTATION STACE ALLEN CHUCKS, INC. 2250 W. Minnesota St. • Indianapolis, IN 46221 Telephone (317) 632-2401 • Fax (317) 637-7563 Visit us at Soft Jaws Hardened and Ground Jaws w/ Set Master P.D. Gripping Swivel Jaws For Roundness Issues Full Wrap Jaws Custom Applications Full-Grip Pie Jaws Now Available in Extended Diameters, Heights Dillon Manufac- turing is now pro- ducing large-di- ameter (up to 24") full-grip jaws from 1018 CRS, 6061 aluminum and Dura-Bar cast iron. Extended height for the full-grip jaws ranges to 8" for diameters to 18", with heights ranging to 6" for diameters between 21" and 24". Manufactured in ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities, these jaws are quickly produced and ship in less than a week, providing high quality and short lead times. All sizes are in stock or have a short delivery time, the company says. Special full-grip pie jaws are available (for example, in extra heights or diameters) with a one-week lead time. Dillon full-grip top jaws feature corrosion resis- tance, with very good machining and welding character- istics, according to the manufacturer. | Dillon Manufacturing Inc. | 800-428-1133 Ceramic Cutting Tools Boost Productivity with HRSAs Seco Tools now offers Secomax CS300 ceramic inserts and cutter bodies to boost productivity in milling and turning operations with heavy interrupted cuts on nickel-based, heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs). The new cutters increase productivity by up to eight times over standard carbide milling, according to the company, and are designed for machining a range of components for aerospace and power generation turbine segments. CS300 inserts use SiAlON-type ceramics that offer high notch wear resistance, toughness and thermal shock resistance. The inserts provide optimum flank wear resistance at higher cutting speeds ranging from 1,970 to 3,940 feet per min., enabling feeds from 0.002" to 0.006" (0.05 to 0.15 mm) per tooth. Combined, these

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