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OCT 2018

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MMS OCTOBER 2018 122 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Systems and Software CAD/CAM Products Include Updated CAD File Translators The version 15.5 release of Kubotek3D's CAD/CAM products provides updates to six CAD file translators and an internet-based login license authentication option. KeyCreator's drafting features now include creation performance advances and dimension editing enhance- ments. The company has also spun off a viewer program called KeyCreator Viewer from its Spectrum Multi-CAD Viewer. Interoperability with other CAD/ CAM software across all version 15.5 Kubotek software has been updated with the latest versions of six major CAD file formats: ACIS SAT 2018 1.0; Autodesk Inventor 2018; Parasolid X_T v30; PTC Creo 4.0; Siemens NX 12; and SolidWorks 2018. Starting with this release, cus- tomers with standalone licenses on active maintenance will have the option to use a program login for license authentication. Login authentication is an alternative to the standard method of temporary activation of a license onto a specific PC through a check-in/check-out process. With login authentication, users can make the license available to another PC by exiting the program. Customers can also handle this remotely from their support account. This feature also enables customers to recover when a PC running the software is lost or disabled. The new version of KeyCreator includes Software Plugins for CAD Software Version 15 of nPower Software and IntegrityWare's plugin products support Autodesk 3DS Max 2019 and 3DS Max Neptune. These plugin products include Power NURBS Pro; Power Translators, Power Translators Pro and Power Translators Universal; Power SubD-NURBs; Power ScanToNURBS; and Power RhinoToMax. Power NURBS Pro provides CAD modeling tools including filleting, shelling, Booleans and surface blending. The Power Translators suite provides tools for importing and manipulating CAD models. Power SubD- NURBS converts models into NURBS geometry for export to CAD systems. Power ScanToNURBS converts scanned meshes into NURBS geometry. Power RhinToMax provides tools for importing and manipulating Rhino models. | Power Software | 858-592-8866 | improvements aimed at increasing productivity in draw- ings. It expands multi-processor support in the Advanced Precise Hidden Line Rendering system, enabling views containing large numbers of solids to draw faster. The enhanced Move function quickly repositions dimension extension or leader lines. A new function quickly changes the arrowhead type on selected ends of dimensions. This release separates the Spectrum line into two products: KeyCreator Viewer and Spectrum Multi-CAD Viewer. KeyCreator Viewer is a free program that pro- vides read-only viewing access to all KeyCreator CKD and CADKey PRT files. KeyCreator Viewer replaces past products known as Spectrum Lite, Spectrum KeyCreator and Spectrum CADKey. | Kubotek3D | 800-372-3872 |

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