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OCT 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 129 SPOTLIGHT | Measurement and Inspection Part Measurement System Expands Connectivity Beta LaserMike's Z-Mike Pro, from NDC Tech- nologies, is an offline part measurement system for metrology applications. It has sleek, modern styling and is designed for Industry 4.0, with expanded connectivity, communication and control capabilities. The gage provides ±0.5- mm accuracy and ±0.13- mm repeatability for dimen- sional measurements of outer diameter, ovality, taper, total indicator reading (TIR), runout and effective cutting diameter. It offers versatility for measurement applica- tions such as rubber rollers, fluted cutting tools, plug and pin gage calibration, shafts, pistons, crankshafts, cam- shafts, motor shafts, glass tubes, fuel injectors, valves, computer components and other applications. The gage does not require recalibration or centering of the object to be measured. It is designed for precision over the entire measurement range, with measurements being trace- able to national standards. The gage is available in two models to measure products ranging to 50 mm. Ethernet and USB connectivity sim- plify integration into cen- tralized production networks and other devices. A line of ready-to-mount modular fixtures is available. | Beta LaserMike 937-233-9935

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