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OCT 2018

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MMS OCTOBER 2018 134 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Modern Equipment Review Digital Level Aligns Machine Tools with High Accuracy The Digi-Pas two-axis wireless Smart Machinist level/ inclinometer from Digipas is designed for leveling align- ment tasks for metalworking machines, inspection and test equipment. It is said to speed alignment time to achieve maximum machine stability, improving dimen- sional accuracy and output quality. The level wirelessly displays both X and Y leveling readings via Bluetooth on a smartphone or PC while users adjust the machine's footings on the floor. This reduces time and improves quality of machine installation, setup and maintenance. It thereby replaces two units of spirit levels and single-axis inclinometers. Powered by advanced MEMS sensor technology, the level's built-in vibrometer permits accuracy as high as 1 arcsecond and simultaneously displays 2D angles with vibration measurements. Its accuracy is certified by accredited calibration and test laboratories traceable to NIST, JIS and DIN. When synced with a PC using Digi- pas software, it enables wireless leveling, real-time data acquisition, logging, diagnostics and analysis. These features make the level useful for installation, setup and maintenance of CNC machines as well as inspection and testing equipment. | Digipas Technologies Inc. | 949-558-0160 Three-Spindle Transfer Machining Center Saves on Space, Energy The Multicenter 3Spindles transfer machining center from Porta Solutions is said to provide the same capacity as three single-spindle machining centers. The company claims that this cuts down on upkeep and maintenance costs in general, but in addition, the Multicenter also provides more efficient use of machining power, with one automated cell (involving one Multicenter) consuming less than half the power of three separate machining cells. Additionally, the use of one machine rather than three cuts down on the number of skilled personnel needed to manage the same machining capacity. With regard to part change- over, the Multicenter can produce the same number of parts with fewer clampings per pallet, easing produc- tion as well as quality standards approval according to ISO TS, which requires each workpiece fixture location to be checked before releasing to production, even if the workpiece has already been produced in the past. The machine is serviced by a large rotary table with four independently rotating tables. The three horizontal milling spindles access each of the parts in turn. Each spindle has its own ISO HSK toolchanger for a total capacity of 72 tools. | Porta Solutions SpA | 39 03 08 90 0587

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