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OCT 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS OCTOBER 2018 138 High-Gantry Machine Processes Large, Heavy Tools The Droop + Rein FOGS HD high-gantry machine from Starrag Technology was designed to address one of its customer's need for a machine capable of precisely processing large, heavy parts, such as vehicle body exteriors, in a clamping device. The machine is available in X-, Y- and Z-axis travels ranging from 3,000 × 3,000 × 1,500 mm to 31,000 × 6,000 × 2,500 mm, along with torque ranging from 2,400 to 7,500 Nm. The company says that the machine can finish workpieces as much as 30 percent faster and more economically than a portal machine. It also enables runtime-parallel setup. The company also offers the Droop + Rein FOGS NEO high-speed machining center, which features a new milling unit and a modified C axis that can efficiently produce precisely machined parts. | Starrag Technology GmbH (Droop + Rein) | 859-534-5201 | Coolant Filtration System Saves Energy, Costs Available from Oelheld U.S. Inc., Vomat's full-flow fil- tration systems separate dirty and clean oil. The filter throughput and backwash cycles are automatically adjusted according to the production process, extending the life of the filter elements and saving energy and costs. When machines operate slowly, the system only filters the required amount of cooling lubricant. The system can also filter coolant from multiple machines and automatically adjust to the production volume if some machines are not in operation. Less heat is transferred to the coolant, reducing the need for cooling and minimizing energy costs. The full-flow filtration systems provide clean oil, meeting NAS 7 quality (3-5 microns). The on-demand back-flushing reduces stress on the filter and machine components, reducing energy consumption. According to the company, conventional systems operating in bypass mode do not produce clean oil during the back-flushing cycle, leaving dirty oil to circulate in the system. Vom- at's system begins the back-flushing process when the filter reaches contamination level, cleaning each filter cartridge individually. The filters not being back-flushed remain in service to provide a continuous supply of clean oil. In the disposal unit, the back-flushed oil is separated from most of the sludge and conveyed into the dirty oil tank. This is said to increase the service life of each filter, to keep coolant in the system for longer periods of time and to save energy. | Oelheld U.S. Inc. | 847-531-8501 |

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