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OCT 2018

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THE Z AXIS MMS OCTOBER 2018 20 8. Inspection is an opportunity for robots. We think of robots doing the repetitive work of load- ing and unloading machine tools, but inspection is also repetitive work. Arnold Gauge was recently involved in an example: A customer needed 16,000 parts inspected by laser interferometry to detect a potential chatter problem in ID grinding. Company president Michael Bruns says a co-op student working on the problem less than a day was able to program a cobot to perform all the part handling for this inspection. 9. Cobots bring automation to old machines. Since they are inexpensive robots, cobots provide great opportunities for automating what might otherwise be considered lower-performing machine tools. At a recent event on robotics, TechSolve demonstrated a cobot from Universal Robots automating an older CNC lathe. No integration was needed, since the programmed motion of the robot included pulling the door handle to open and close the machine and pressing the control's cycle-start button. 10. People are still needed. At that same Tech- Solve event, Robert Graff, senior sales manager of STEM education for Yaskawa America, described the need for robotics personnel seen by one man- ufacturer in particular, Honda's Ohio plant, and what lengths this plant is taking to fill that need. A particularly fast-growing job title is "robot coordinator," he says. Robots do replace human labor in some cases, but they are also driving the demand for different kinds of manufacturing professionals. This robot system from APT mounts the robot on a movable platform to make it easily redeployable from machine to machine. KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools recently added new tools to our portfolio of superior solid carbide cutting tools! tools! NOW AVAILABLE ON

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