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OCT 2018

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DECIDING FACTORS MMS OCTOBER 2018 26 Data-Driven Manufacturing value is also calculated at this stage. The third level is downtime and computer- ized maintenance management. Two issues are resolved at this level: The first is a timely and e- cient dispatching of service departments, and the second is ecient maintenance and repair (M&R) of operations. For example, MDCplus automati- cally registers each unplanned downtime case. The system classifies it by operator, followed by the appropriate notification being sent to the service department responsible for this type of incident. All activities are reflected in reports that enable management to assess quickly the work done and, if necessary, thoroughly analyze any specific case or fine-tune responses for subsequent, similar cases. The result is certainty that the right prob- lem is fixed the right way at the right time. Experience shows that intelligent M&R dis- patching can reduce unplanned downtime by 10 to 15 percent in many shops. Excessive power consumption is another problem that can be addressed e‰ectively by monitoring systems. Charges for electricity used in machining operations are among the factors that exert a strong influence on production costs. Thanks to the ability to track machine operation in real time, the monitoring system enables managers to identify electricity costs for each machine and employee as well as detect the causes of energy losses. These insights help optimize equipment energy usage. For example, it is possible to sched- ule operations shown to be "energy hogs" for nighttime hours when utility rates are low. MDC system functionality and the collected data can be used to resolve a wide range of produc- tion-management issues. Dynamic analytics enable company managers or heads of specific production departments to assess quickly key performance indicators (KPIs) overall, as well as KPIs for any individual workshop, CNC machine or particular operator. Changes can be tracked over time to identify trends and causes of these changes, and to take timely corrective actions. In short, machine monitoring will propel a company to a new level of eciency and bring it a big step closer to making digitalization and data- driven manufacturing a practical reality. CONTRIBUTOR | Andrey Lovygin is director of international development at Zyfra. CAM? Still satisfied? Explore the benefits of hyperMILL ® and switch to the CAM solution for all of your .D, D, -axis, mill-turn, HSC and HPC requirements. © The helmet was programmed and produced by DAISHIN +++ Up to % time savings: hyperMILL ® MAXX Machining +++

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