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OCT 2018

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MMS OCTOBER 2018 34 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Measurement Tools AUTHOR | George Schuetz Director of Precision Gages, Mahr Inc. needs to be done on a regular basis. The gage documentation process includes the tools for performing the calibration, how and where the process is done, what the performance criteria is, who did it, the standards used and their traceability numbers to ensure the gage is calibrated back to a national standard. Then, the gage is assigned an individual identification (ID) or tracking number. Having a unique individual tracking label on the gage is key. With this and properly filed test results, you will have the his- torical information required to demonstrate that the gage is "under control" within the calibra- tion process, and you can ensure that test pieces were measured with a traceable gage. But there could be a missing link to break this chain of documentation. There is a gage connected to the computer that makes the measurement and sends out the data to be stored for documentation purposes. At best, an operator was asked to key in the identification number of the gage to tie it in with the data for treatability. However, more often than not, the gage ID is not recorded and is just assumed to be part of the process of measuring the parts. What happens if the operator plugs in a different micrometer because the battery died, or plugged in the wrong gage for the application? There is potential for making measurements with an undocumented gage on critical parts. The next step to bringing all this data collec- tion to Industry 4.0 is to make each individual gage with its own ID built into the electron- ics and transmitted as part of the measured data stream. Then, for each measurement, the data-collection software not only knows the measured value but can also store and tie the gage ID directly to the measurement. This would ensure direct data control of the measurements. Now there is a permanent record of date, time, results and gage ID on file that can be pulled any time in the future. This ensures that the proper gage was used, and it can be linked to the ISO documentation that the gage was certi- fied and under documentation control. NCSIMUL 4CAM - Switch Programs Between CNC Machines NCSIMUL MACHINE - CNC Machining Simulation/Verification NCSIMUL Intelligent CNC Machining | (617) 401-2197 | Boston, MA |

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