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OCT 2018

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ADDITIVE INSIGHTS MMS OCTOBER 2018 42 Understanding Industrial 3D Printing AUTHOR | Timothy Simpson Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing Pennsylvania State Univeristy in a reorientation, leaving you with the same issue as before. Finally, despite your best eorts to optimize orientation, you have to contend with the fact that your part is being built by melting small, metal-powder particles with a laser when using powder-bed fusion. This process does not leave crisp edges, and partially melted powder particles can make surfaces even rougher. As an example, Figure 2 shows an Inconel 718 part designed by my colleagues, Professors Ed De Meter and Amine Lehtihet, for fabrication on an EOS M280 laser-powder-bed fusion system in the orientation shown. Inconel 718 parts tend to have some of the smoothest surfaces of the AM parts we have made. So what does this mean for you? If you are making AM parts, be aware of the inher- ent manufacturing and design challenges that impact the dimensions and tolerances that you can achieve on an "as-built" part. If you are machining AM parts, make sure the designer has added suŠcient machining allowances to mitigate the tessellation or stair- casing eects, especially for mating surfaces and interfaces. Finally, if you have expertise in surface finishing, AM may be a boon for you as nearly all metal AM parts need some sort of surface treat- ment to enhance their surface finish. Figure 2: Roughness measurements on dif ferent "as-built" sur faces of an Inconel 718 par t. (Source: Professor Ed De Meter, Penn State) AN ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL CMM CUBE-R is a truly accurate turnkey 3D-scanning measuring machine for at-line inspection of parts up to 3 m. It leverages the power of MetraSCAN 3D PHWURORJ\JUDGHVFDQQHUZLWKWKHUHOLDELOLW\DQGHIÀFLHQF\ of robotization in a high-productivity industrial measuring FHOOGHVLJQHGIRUUHDOOLIHVKRSÁRRUFRQGLWLRQV THE FASTEST TURNKEY 3D SCANNING CMM NEW | 1 885 939 4446

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