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OCT 2018

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THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP MMS OCTOBER 2018 46 A Metalworking Leader's Perspective a small manufacturer in the area. We became friends and shared a mutual respect for each other. He had entrepreneurial aspirations, eventu- ally controlling and buying the company for which he worked. Later, he and I served on each other's advisory boards. He had confided in me years ago that he loved our operation, and during the search for a buyer, he raised his hand and expressed his interest in Staub to everyone at the table. I had always respected him and considered him the most honest person I knew, so I decided to put my total faith in him when he named the sale price and began driving the sale/purchase process. We shook hands on a deal, and he began working in the o•ce without compensation a year and a half to learn about Staub. After a few months, Joe came to me and enhanced the deal on which we had already agreed. He began making decisions and inter- acting with employees as I backed out of the way. Almost two years after the handshake, the sale of Staub Machine was finalized in January 2018. I went to work the next day like nothing changed, and for most outsiders, there is no di†erence. We have the same sta†, customers and vendors as ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTOR Staub Machine started with a single lathe in Mr. Staub's garage. Some 40 years later, the Western New York shop has grown to two facilities that provide precision machining for a range of manufacturers. More at before, but I am now treated as a consultant, and my business card says "founder." Joe encourages me to take time for myself, allows me to be a part of many decisions and lets me keep my o•ce. My days are split between design work and consulting on new jobs or diagnosing shop problems. I also have my own kingdom in the shop: the manual engine lathe and Bridgeport milling machine. I cannot imagine how the decision to sell and the transition could have gone any better. I got everything I wanted. With an owner like Joe, I am also committed to making this business even better. Finally, there is one thing that Joe said to me that I cannot forget. He said, "Tony, if you want it, there's a place for you here for the next 20 years." Shrinking Technology HAIMER Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machine Reliable tool changes – Fastest in the Galaxy. Measuring and Presetting Technology Balancing Technology Tooling Technology Precision with 100% repeatability Fast tool changes – less than 5 seconds Easy to use – tool changes at the touch of a button Versatility – compatible with any shrink fit holder

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