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OCT 2018

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MMS OCTOBER 2018 62 ROBOTS & AUTOMATION Grippers Will Help Further Human-Robot Collaboration Safety standards, third-party certifications, plug-and-play packages and new sensor technology make collaborative robots grippers safer, stronger and easier to use. Collaborative robots or "cobots" have an advan- tage in being able to work safely alongside humans. Some achieve this using sensor tech- nology to slow and/or stop their motion when a person approaches them. Others feature built-in sensors that immediately stop cobot motion when they detect unexpected contact with an object or person. An increasing amount of attention is being paid to grippers and the role they play in cobot safety. According to Schunk Automation Group Manager Markus Walderich, these grippers are becoming safer, more trustworthy, stronger, more intelligent and easier to implement and use. He points to four trends that are shaping the design and development of cobot grippers: New ISO Safety Standards for Collaborative Robot Systems Mr. Walderich says that while there is still uncer- tainty about the risks of human-robot collaboration in the market, ISO technical reports and standards that cover collaborative robots and grippers have JULIA HIDER | CONTRIBUTOR As collaborative applications for robots increase, grippers and how they influence safety are getting more consideration. Following this trend, Schunk has released the Co-act line of grippers, which are specifically designed for cobots. Photos provided by Schunk

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