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OCT 2018

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MMS OCTOBER 2018 64 ROBOTS & AUTOMATION and a safety zone, such as an area scanner or cage, around the robot. "Future grippers for collaborative applications will have a higher payload capacity and higher gripping forces than 140 Newtons, and therefore have to be more intelligent," Mr. Walderich says. To that end, the company has developed a proto- type gripper, the JL1, that includes technology to enable this. The JL1 has a capacitive sensor, and tactile sensor systems that can be used to differ- entiate between workpieces and humans. This prototype also includes other technologies that the company plans to incorporate it into collabo- rative grippers in the future, including cameras, a touchscreen that can be used to change oper- ative modes or teach the gripper, the ability to do both parallel and angular gripping, safe force limitation to ensure that the gripper does not inadvertently release the workpiece, and lights that provide users with optical feedback on the gripper's state. "I think in general, there will be more intelligence in the end effector than we've ever seen before, and having these integrative controllers and intelligent sensors inside the grip- per is going to be a much bigger portion of the safety aspect of collaborative applications," Mr. Walderich says. | Schunk Inc. | 800-772-4865 | In addition to a soft housing that eliminates sharp corners and pinch points, Schunk's Co-act grippers have limited gripping forces in accordance with ISO regulations. A third party has also certified that these grippers comply with these regulations, taking some of the uncertainty out of the question of how safe they are for collaborative use. STOP, COLLABORATE AND LISTEN Applications for collaborative robots now include robotic arms mounted on self-driving vehicles. Watch how Hirotec America uses the mobile cobot:

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