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OCT 2018

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Five-Axis Machining Modern Machine Shop 67 a trunnion design involves making wide swings that drastically alter the center of gravity of the table, the D200Zcan rotate fully around both axes within a comparatively small area.This improvesstability by maintaining a center of gravity entirely within the physicaldiameter of the table's bearings. The primary limitations are the size and mass of the workpiece. If it is larger than 165 pounds (75 kg), the benefits of the tilted rotary table begin to decrease compared to larger trunnions or articulated spindles. Designed for Moldmaking Machine rigidity is particularly important in moldmaking applications. High-speed machining to precise tolerances requires anticipating chatter or def lection to avoid scrapping an expensive mold core or cavity."The table design ensures that the center of gravity is always within the capture range of the bearings," says Bill Howard, Makino product line manager. "Therefore, regardless of the desired angle or rotary position, the design provides and maintains stiffness and rigidity, as well as ensures excellent kinematics and motion control."By balancing the need for maintaining rigidity, theD200Z is designed to reduce chatter and def lection inmold machining, as well as other applications that require high precision or have complex part geometries. Additionally, the tilted rotary table is said to ensure sufficient clearance for the spindle to access critical part features. With a free-standing rotary surface that only attaches to the rest of the machine from the bottom-center of the table, the spindle is designed to easilyaccess five sides of a part, and the cutting tool can reach deep into pockets for molds.The table's geometric simplic- ityalso simplifies chip evacuation, as moving to a vertical position enables chips to fall into a con- veyor, available as a standard feature. A Compact Solution The compact work area also reduces the machine's footprint, leavingroomfor attached toolchangers or automation cells. Further, the small work area and tilted table reduce the dis- tance operators have to reach in order to load and unload parts, reducing the physical toll and increasing the ergonomics for the user. Additionally, the compact workspace increases man- ufacturing speed. Because the machine tool is capable of achieving full five-axis movement and positioning in a small work area, it requires rel- atively small movements to reach desired orien- tations. The small movements translate into fast positioning for the workpiece. Proper Programming Mr. Howard asserts that anyone used to working with five-axis CNC machines should have no problem programming this one. "I would think that anyone familiar with any CAD/CAM system that generates and evaluates tool pathsfor five- axis machines would have no difficulty program- ming theD200Z," he says. The tilted rotating plates provide compact five-axis machining capabilities. The design provides improved rigidity for high-speed machining. | Makino Inc. | 513-573-7200 | Five-axis machining is about more than just the machining center. Circle-segment cutting tools can cut more efficiently that ballnose tools by cutting with a larger radius. A CIRCULAR APPROACH

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