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OCT 2018

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Machining High-Temperature Materials Modern Machine Shop 83 Is grinding the material-removal process of the future? Consider these two important, ongoing trends in machining: • Tighter tolerances. Better-performing systems in automobiles and other end products are driving the demand for increasingly tighter feature toler- ances and finer surfaces on machined parts. • Harder materials. Manufacturers are increasingly using superalloys, ceramics and other materials engineered for high hardness at high tempera- tures. This results in parts that are more durable, but harder to machine. And to these trends in machining in general, one can add an important material-engineering trend that directly affects grinding: Improved grains and bonds in grinding wheels are delivering more effective performance. Together, all these developments suggest there will be greater use of grinding in the future They also point to an implication even more specific than that. Taken together, these factors suggest that we will see increasingly greater use of creep-feed grinding. What is creep-feed grinding? Compared to surface grinding, the process that is more common, creep-feed grinding employs a heavier

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