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OCT 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS OCTOBER 2018 96 PART GAGING thrubeam optical micrometers are a very eective means of measuring the ODs of axisymmetric components. Optical micrometers—such as those made by Mitutoyo, Keyence and others—are absolute, permanently calibrated gages and do not require mastering. They can also be multi- point-calibrated to qualified gage pins of various diameters or calibrated to part-like masters. High measurement accuracy over a measurement range su•ciently large for many bearing components enables optical micrometers to successfully com- pete for roles in absolute OD measurement. Adjusting to the Optical Micrometer's Peculiar Sensitivities The optical characteristics of the micrometer do vary across the measuring region. A certified gage pin mounted to an X-Y precision stage may be used to map the error in the measured diameter across the measuring region (that is, the measur- ing range versus depth of field). Once the optical micrometer is error-mapped and compensated for This is typical mapping of a measured diameter across the measuring region (measuring range versus depth of field) of an optical micrometer. If a certified gage pin is used, the map represents measured error across the measuring region. The error map can be used to improve the absolute accuracy of the optical micrometer. B U R N I S H I N G THE LEADER IN HOLE FINISHING SOLUTIONS Universal Burnishing Tools Shafts, faces, tapers, contours, small and large O.D.s Diamond Burnishing Tools O.D.s, large I.D.s, or faces of almost any diameter THE FASTEST, MOST ECONOMICAL WAY TO A great FINISH visit call 803 438 4000 ©2018 PO BOX 7007 CAMDEN, SC 29021-7007 S I Z E F I N I S H WORK HARDEN I N S E C O N D S • I.D.s, O.D.s, tapers, faces and more • Eliminate costly grinding and honing • Improve part quality • Used on a variety of machines • Wide range of tools available from stock

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