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NOV 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS NOVEMBER 2018 100 GRINDING EQUIPMENT Okamoto, this system permits cutting in-feeds ranging to 0.004 inch. Mr. Marsilius says it has enabled Moore Tool to rough-grind parts more aggressively and has helped produce better sur- face finishes. On-wheel balancing. The new surface grinder also has an SBS automatic wheel-balancing system from Schmidt Industries. After the operators mount the wheel, it goes through a hydraulic balancing cycle on the machine. This system also enables continuous, in-process dynamic balancing during grinding, which improves surface finishes. Electropermanent magnetic chuck. Okamoto rec- ommended an electropermanent magnetic chuck to go with the grinding machine. Because the electropermanent magnet does not produce as much heat as a standard electromagnet, thermal deformation is reduced and the overall accuracy of the system is increased. "It has given us very good results holding f latness to microns and par- allelism to spec," Mr. Dolny says. Y O U R S O U R C E F O R ONE-PASS DEBURRING B E T T E R PA RT S | FA S T E R P R O D U C T I O N | L O W E R C O S T THE LEADER IN HOLE FINISHING SOLUTIONS F L I P C U T • Back spotfacing and chamfering • From 1 side in 1 set up • Your most economical solution • Other solutions available Also from Cogsdill: • Fast and Easy • Economical • Inch & Metric – from stock • Blade options available for all materials visit call 803 438 4000 ©2018 PO BOX 7007 CAMDEN, SC 29021-7007 The company also uses the ACC3280CHiQ for components of its jig grinders. It has improved the surface finish, flatness and parallelism on these components and sped their production, increasing the company's overall competitiveness in that market.

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