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NOV 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 101 BETTER PRODUCTION Surface Grinding Automated dressing cycle. The machine automatically calls up dressing cycles per param- eters set in the control that are based on the amount of material removed after the previous dressing cycle. After the wheel is dressed, the wheel size is automatically updated in the control, and the programs are adjusted to compensate for the new size. (The machine can compen- sate for both table-mounted and overhead-mounted dress- ers.) The machine then auto- matically moves the wheel to 0.0001 inch above the part surface and resumes the grinding operation without operator intervention. Teach feature. Operators can use the grinding wheel to "teach" the machine and set the grinding envelope for new parts. Operators position the wheel at one edge of the part to record that position, and then move it diagonally to the opposite corner to set the grinding parameter. The wheel then moves down until it touches the part to set the zero on the Z axis. Users can also store these parameters for later use. Mr. Dolny says that the best surface finish they were able to achieve on the old surface grinder was 16 microinches Ra, but the new surface grinder gives them surface finishes of 8 micro- inches Ra and lower for some materials. | Moore Tool Co. 203-366-3224 | Okamoto Corp. 847-235-3500 Do you need tracking and traceability? BEAMERLASER .COM NEW! INLINE MODEL B E A M E R L A S E R MARKING SYSTEMS • Our new IN-Line system allows easy integration into a production line or existing enclosure • Simple I/O to incorporate right into an existing PLC • Standard 4x4" and Large 8x8" marking fields offered • Compact size allows for a small footprint within the operation • 20W, 50W, and 100W solutions offered for marks ranging from Annealing to Deep Engraving • All base units require only standard 110VAC • Friendly, Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Learn SoƱware

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