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NOV 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 107 BETTER PRODUCTION Getting In-Depth Help from Supplier Continually Improving Those improvements were significant in and of themselves, but the two teams went on to make these other improvement suggestions: • Value-stream mapping on the Heller cell determined that a simple change to the way raw material was loaded on the pallet pool would increase output. Ironically, the change required that every other fixture location be left empty, which ultimately made material handling easier. • By poka-yoking an inspec- tion fixture, production delays due to improperly loaded parts could be avoided and operator frustration reduced. • Expanding the off loading area and increasing the number of material-han- dling carts would make it easier to meet daily demand. This would also help eliminate problems with open f loor space being turned into stor- age location for random items. • By staggering lunch breaks and increasing machine downtime vis- ibility with an Andon system, machine overall equipment effective- ness could be further improved. • The installation of quick- change modular tooling promised to not only improve setup times, but make in-process tool changes faster and easier on the operator. One year later, Mr. Alexan- dersson reports that he and his crew have implemented many of Sandvik Coro- mant's recommendations. "The biggest improvement probably came from the Okuma cell, where we've reduced change-over to about two hours. We took the ball and ran with it after that, and now have a full-blown single-min- ute exchange of dies (SMED) program imple- mented in several of the production areas." | Sandvik Coromant | 201-794-5000 | Volvo Powertrain North America | 301-790-5400 — Robotic welding made easy Increase throughput and quality, reduce scrap From modular, cost-effective FlexArc® welding cells, to the most intricate, highly engineered systems for heavy, large frame welding, ABB has the ideal robotic system for the full range of welding, cutting and metal fabrication applications. With industry leading software innovations that reduce programming complexity, flexible ABB robotic welding systems can easily handle small batch runs of highly diverse parts. Increase throughput, reduce scrap and get exceptional weld quality when just-in-time production is crucial. Let's write the future. Together. To learn more visit FABTECH Booth # C11342 or go to

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