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NOV 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shifting to Shorter-Run Production MODERN MACHINE SHOP 111 time with one setup. However, no one he spoke with at the trade show could come up with a good way to run multiple parts from bar- stock in a single setup. Then he visited the LNS booth and discussed his needs with systems software and control manger Randy Lewis. They discussed the e-Connect ethernet communications system, which enables the bar feeder and CNC machine control to share data. When e-Connect and the machine tool CNC "talk" to each other, the former can look at the production schedule upon completion of a part run in order to select the next part to be pro- duced, then hand off this data to the bar feeder. The bar feeder consults its internal part library that stores all of the bar- feeder parameters for as many as 500 part pro- grams, selects the pro- gram that matches the one chosen by the master schedule, then automat- ically adjusts itself to the new program. This was exactly the American Punch runs a variety of precision parts in a single setup by using the LNS e-Connect system to enable both the turning center and bar feeder to change from one family of parts to another on the fly. The company's punches and dies are used worldwide for stamping structural steel components of bridges, truck frames, I-beams and other heavy-gauge applications.

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