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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS NOVEMBER 2018 112 TURNING solution for which Mr. Cain was looking. "I learned that we were on the ground floor of this kind of data sharing that's now becoming more wide- spread," he says. At that time, Mr. Cain's machines were not ready to share data, so LNS worked with American Punch's machine tool supplier and the original equipment manufacturer to get them up to speed. Putting Machine Tool Connectivity to Work In that application, the e-Connect system resided in the LNS Quick Load Servo 80 S2: a spindle- length, all-electric, servo-controlled, fully auto- matic bar feeder that loads 14- to 63-inch bars with diameters ranging from 1 / 4 to 3 1 / 8 inches. The American Punch machine operator would load the bar feeder with 1 1 / 2 -inch tool steel barstock and run a macro program that enables the lathe con- trol and bar feeder to change from one family of parts to another on the fly. A typical setup would include loading the appropriate-diameter barstock to make vari- ous quantities of different lengths of parts. For In addition to enabling production of multiple parts in a single setup, e-Connect tracks material usage so the work cell can quickly change a part program to make use of a barstock remnant. THE 4 WINNING POINTS: 1. REDUCE FLOOR SPACE 2. CUT ENERGY CONSUMPTION 3. HALF THE STAFF 4. QUADRUPLE THE PRODUCTION SPEED ONLY THE FIRST 50 COPIES ARE FREE OF CHARGE! BOOK YOUR COPY NOW ON 3 Internal Spindles Multicenter 3spindles Flexible Machines

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