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NOV 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shifting to Shorter-Run Production MODERN MACHINE SHOP 113 example, it would use 1 ½-inch-diameter bars to produce 50 parts measuring 2.500 inches long, 10 parts measuring 3.025 inches long, 75 parts measuring 3.500 inches long and so on. The parts could vary in form, as well. This setup enabled unattended, even lights-out production on short part runs. Today, with four work cells using the LNS e-Connect system and bar feeders, American Punch runs more than 300,000 parts each month and is in the process of adding additional capac- ity to meet customer demands. The newest work cell consists of an LNS Quick Load Servo 80 S2 bar feeder loading barstock into a Doosan Puma 2100SY turning center capable of milling, drilling and tapping. In addition to interfacing with the LNS bar feeder, the machine's CNC also communicates with a pro- grammable high-pressure coolant delivery system to apply the precise amount of coolant for each machining operation. Another benefit of the e-Connect system is reduced material waste. It tracks material usage and communi- cates this information to the machine tool. The master schedule looks at the amount of available material and the lengths of parts in the production queue to determine if there is enough material to run the required quan- tity of a particular part. If there is not enough mate- rial for the entire run, the system determines the length of any remnant, calls up the next part in the schedule that fits the remaining stock, and the turning center and bar feeder automatically adjust to make the new part. Once the bar is used, the bar feeder loads the next bar and the system repeats the process until it makes all of the scheduled parts. | American Punch Co. | 800-243-1492 | LNS America Inc. | 513-528-5674 OMAX abrasive waterjets can cut a wide range of materials and do more thanks to advanced technology and accessories. Get the whole story at VISIT US AT FABTECH IN BOOTH B6951

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