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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS NOVEMBER 2018 118 Kwik Mark Inc Dot Peen Marker · Type or teach positioning · Compact flash card memory · Automatic serializing · Date/time shift coding · Mark virtually any material · True chipless engraving Contact us today · · · (815) 363-8268 · The KM-64 · American Made A R C T E X T S E R I A L : 0 0 0 1 1 7 - 2 1 - 1 7 1 8 : 2 7 Impo rt Graphics ANGULAR TEXT A N G U LA R TEXT MIRROR TEXT MIRROR TEXT REVERSE TEXT REVERSE TEXT 2D DATA MATRIX ished flutes, similar to those of solid carbide drills, are designed to ensure smooth and secure chip evacuation. Coolant is delivered directly to the cutting edge, avoiding thermal shocks to the edge and resulting in longer tool life and maximum process reliability, the company says. Additionally, the drill's 100-degree pris- matic insert seating for the P600x Xtra-tec Point inserts provide secure clamping for precise, high-quality holes. Drills are available in sizes of 3×D, 5×D and 7×D and in diameters ranging from 0.47" to 1.26" (12 to 31.99 mm). The drill has universal applications in a variety of materials, and users can also benefit from simple indexable insert selection through Walter Color Select. | Walter USA LLC 262-347-2400 ER Collet Chucks Provide High Concentricity, Holding Power T.M. Smith Tool has added Jacobs-taper rigid ER collet chucks to its family of Jacobs-taper tooling. These durable collet chucks are manufactured from premium-grade, through-hardened steel. The ER collet pockets are preci- sion-ground to provide total indicator runout of 0.0002" or better. The com- pany says that these collet chucks provide better concentricity and holding power than keyed and keyless drill chucks. Available with a Jacobs taper #1, #2, #33 and #4 (JIFFY), these holders are primarily used in drilling applications. They are compatible with stan- dard Jacobs-taper spindles and accept standard ER collets. The chucks are available in ER16, ER20 and ER32 versions. Specials are available to meet customer-specific needs. ER collets are ordered separately. | T.M. Smith Tool International | 800-521-4894 |

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